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Last Updated:  July 3, 2020
The installation of one of these devices can be carried out both in private homes (porches and gardens) and in commercial and industrial premises like restaurants, food industries or farms. The operation of an electric fly killer responds to two basic principles which are Attraction of the insect and then Electric fly shock extermination.

The process of attracting the insect is done mainly by means of ultraviolet light (actinide light) specifically designed to attract flies and mosquitoes. Today's modern technologies mean that these ultraviolet light lamps are able to maintain their effectiveness both in natural light and under artificial lighting conditions.

The attraction effectiveness of an electric fly killer can be enhanced by chemical attractants, which are placed in the device and impregnate it with a specific odor to attract the insects.
The Winner
Buzz B Gone
Easy to clean
Particularly efficient success rate
No harmful effects for the user
Without any chemicals
Applicable in all rooms
Official Site
Second Winner
Fly Blocker
An elegant way to say goodbye to mosquito
The first smartwatch to use infrasound technology
Comes with all other features of a smartwatch
Extended warranty option available at an additional price
Safe to use for everyone including children
Official Site
The Runner Up
Quick 2 Minutes Setup - Plug and Play
360-Degree UV Light Advanced Technology
Portable—Use It Everywhere: Home, Office and Outdoor
100% Non-Toxic Anti-Mosquito Device
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There is nothing more annoying during the day than having mosquitoes flying around you looking for a way to bite you in every free space they get from your body. And at night it's even more disturbing not to be able to sleep in peace, because you wake up all the time and realize there's a mosquito nearby just by hearing it buzzing around your face or body.

Not to mention how painful they can be on your own skin, and products to repel them are not always the most effective or the most comfortable to use, they can make your skin feel sticky and full of cream all the time, or allergies caused by strong odor sprays can even have side effects that can affect children in particular.

That's why Buzz B Gone is the best solution, an Electric Fly product that works with a natural concept and is completely free of any chemicals.

What is Buzz B-Gone?

Buzz B Gone is a device that repels mosquitoes and uses a natural and non-polluting idea to do so. Through a bluish ultraviolet light this equipment will fulfill its main function: to kill mosquitoes. It is also equipped with a suction system that helps to suck the insects and attract them to it, blocking them immediately and collecting them in a container.

This container can be easily emptied from time to time and therefore has a high success rate, which destroys the mosquitoes and protects you from annoying mosquito bites and all the diseases they bring with them.

The main objective of this device is to allow the user to place this Killer Electric in any room that he considers appropriate and that works successfully providing him with comfort and a zone free of flying insects. No chemicals are used, unlike other aerosol products. Making Buzz B Gone absolutely safe and worry free, it can be used by children without any inconvenience.

What are the quality features of Buzz B-Gone?

This device has a solid user feedback that works well and is easy to use. It has everything you need to safely eliminate mosquitoes, but it is also safe for the person who will be using it. The integrated lamp, besides being non-polluting, looks very nice and thanks to its dim light, at night it does not disturb and gives a sense of comfort.

It is a very good option to put in the room of small children to keep them protected all the time without them running the risk of getting hurt with the device or not being able to sleep with it in the room.

The advantages of Buzz B-Gone

Like any device, it is important that you know everything it has to offer so that you can make a purchase decision based on facts. That's why we've put together a list of everything you need to know about Buzz B Gone so you can make your own decision. This list can also be a buying decision for you if you are not sure that Buzz B Gone is right for you.
Good Health: As it is well known, mosquitoes are the cause of many tropical diseases, such as malaria and dengue fever, but that is not all. A mosquito that bites one person with an infection and then bites another can quickly spread that disease. And so many other diseases you can easily prevent with this device.

Portability: Buzz B gone is a portable, non-heavy, well-designed device with the best possible equipment so you don't have to worry about it working or not. It is so comfortable that you can even travel with it if you are going to an endemic mosquito area.

No hazardous chemicals: Unlike mosquito sprays, this Killer Electric does not emit hazardous chemicals. Most of the chemicals found in mosquito sprays are dangerous to human health and can cause poisoning. Worse, some of these chemicals are carcinogenic, which means they can cause cancer in the future.

Dehydrators: As if attracting bugs and stuffing them into a lifeless tube wasn't enough, Buzz B Gone bug zapper goes one step further to ensure your safety and comes with additional dehydrators. These dehydrators literally absorb the life of trapped insects by removing all the moisture they contain until they die. This helps ensure that all trapped mosquitoes are dead and do not attack together when you open the device to clean it.

Easy to use: One of the benefits that positioned it as number one in the market is that this Fly Swatter Electric is incredibly easy to use. You basically press the power button at the top and let it do its job. When you need to clean the collection vessel, just open it from the bottom and empty it, simple.

Family Safety: This fly killer is designed for the whole family and their protection. To prevent those around you from starting to get sick, with Buzz B Gone you are sure that your family is totally safe from mosquito bites, which means that you are safe from any disease that can be transmitted by this little insect.

Very affordable: Many mosquito repellent products have been manufactured and sold for a great deal of money. Get the best product at an affordable price that I'm sure you won't see anywhere else.

Powerful 360 Degree Suction: The 360 degrees suction ability, gives it the power to suck in bugs from all directions and ensures nothing that tries to come near you gets away. It brings in all types of bugs and forces them down a tube to make sure the top surface always stays clean and bug-free to avoid contamination.

Buzz B-Gone: Safe and environment friendly

Most of the insect repellents you find on the market are not safe for long-term use or environmentally friendly, especially those that use the Spray mode, they work by spraying chemicals in the air or requiring you to put them in your body and can generate allergies or reactions in it.

Both are dangerous and cause inhalation of the toxic chemicals present in these repellents, causing serious health risks, especially in children or people with respiratory problems. Unlike these repellents, the Buzz B Gone Fly Swatter Electric eliminates the need for chemicals and therefore provides a cleaner, designed approach to getting rid of insects.

This makes it extremely safe to use long-term, without worrying about causing allergies or ingestion, and it also makes it safe for children to use, unlike other over-the-counter products available on the market.

Why do I need this mosquito repellent?

This Electric Fly Killer is basically for anyone who wants to create a mosquito-free zone in their rooms, get peace of mind and get rid of the annoying presence of these flying insects. But the whole family will benefit from this device, they will get rid of the mosquito bite that can be so annoying and painful.

You will be taking care of the health of your loved ones. In addition, people who have already tried other methods of mosquito repellent, but were not as successful, can also benefit from it, for example insecticide sprays or creams. Therefore, Buzz B Gone is the best purchase to have in your home, office or place where these animals are present.

Where can you buy Buzz B-Gone?

Buzz B Gone is sold through a supplier who works with the manufacturer. Therefore, it is quite common to be able to purchase this Fly Swatter Electric over the Internet or in an online store easily. Depending on where you buy it you can get special offers that you can use for your financial benefit.

Buzz B-Gone specifications

To know more about this product here we bring you a list of its best features:
Voltage: 5V.
Range of use: Up to 40 meters.
2 minute quick setup. Plug and Play.
Advanced 360-degree UV light technology.
Portable - Use it everywhere: At home, in the office and outdoors.
It connects to any USB device, including chargers and mobile phones.
One minute clean.
100% non-toxic anti-mosquito device.


This is truly a great product in every way you want to put it on the table. Its incredible ability to kill flying insects is what makes it the market favorite. Its quality is fully verifiable and its benefits make it a device that is really worth buying. 

Environmentally friendly and totally safe to use is the element that everyone should have in their homes to protect their families from annoying insects and the diseases that can be transmitted through them. No competitor can offer so many benefits in one.

This Electric Fly Swatter helps you enjoy the summer to its full potential, without making you spend a lot of money on insect sprays that are not only dangerous for you, but also the surroundings where you use them. It is versatile and portable, and offers easy cleaning and maintenance.

All in all, Buzz B Gone is highly recommended and a must if you are planning to make the most of this summer and rest properly at night without having to deal with and protect yourself from mosquitoes.

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